Tips for Beginners: How to Start Using Tail Butt Plugs Safely and Comfortably

For those who are just about to try the tail butt plug, let's figure out what it is actually used for. The tail anal plug is used for a very specific purpose.

What Is the Purpose of an Anal Plug?

  1. The plug prepares the anus for anal sex. The plug allows the muscles of the anus to adapt to a foreign object, and to stop contracting reflexively during sex.
  2. The plug gives the effect of double penetration, which makes sex more vivid and enjoyable. The plug, inserted into the anus, supports the back wall of the vagina, thus creating additional stimulation and pleasure. In addition, the vagina narrows and the man receives additional stimulation.
  3. The tail butt plug is a popular accessory for an Animal play, a wonderful way to diversify your sex life when the game is based on the animal image. The tail is a popular accessory for Animal play, a great way to diversify your sex life with the animal look.
  4. And, of course, the butt plug carries a preventive mission as well. Many men over 40 face problems with the prostate gland. Urologists recommend prostate massage as a preventive measure, and the butt plug remarkably copes with this issue.

In order for beginners to avoid harming themselves, it is necessary to adhere to some rules for the use of the butt plugs.

Use Anal Lubricants

Always use lubricant. The anus has no natural lubrication, so always use anal lubricant to make penetration easy and painless. Anal lubricant will protect the skin from possible cracks and infections. Apply plenty of lubricant to the tip of the plug and slowly insert it into the anus. Under no circumstances use any improvised means like vasilin, it can lead to intestinal infection. Use anal lubricant because it has a thicker base than vaginal lubricant and contains additives to relax and prepare the anus for penetration.

Get the Right Plug Size

Dear beginners, in order to avoid harming yourself and getting injured, you should start with a plug of small diameter, and then as you gain experience, you can increase the size of the plug. Therefore, start with a plug not larger than 3 cm.

Insert and Remove the Plug as Gently as Possible

Because the anus is narrow, be careful when inserting the plug. Insert the anal plug slowly, without jerking, twisting it a little and making small forward movements. Extracting the plug should also be delicate, without sudden movements and jerks. Do not pull sharply on the tail to extract the plug, you may be injured.

Get the Right Size of the Tail Butt Plug

To prevent the plug from falling out of your anus during play, estimate your capabilities carefully. If you have little experience, the tail will fall out, and you will not be able to fully enjoy the game. Also keep in mind that it is difficult to move around with a large diameter butt plug, so if you want active play, it is better to take a smaller size butt plug and tail. Choose a plug of no more than 4 cm and the tail of no more than 20 inches.

Cleaning and Storage of Tail Butt Plug

Do not ignore hygiene! After each use, the plug should be thoroughly washed in water, wiped dry and treated with a sex toy cleaner. Do not delay cleaning, otherwise bacteria will multiply on the plug, which will be harmful to your health. When cleaning, the tail should be detached from the plug. 

Periodically clean the fur-tail itself. Wash it by hand in warm water with shampoo. Stroke it by hand in the direction of the pile, without wringing it out hang it in the open air until it dries completely.

The Anal Tail Is an Individual Toy

And finally, we remind you that the tail butt plug is an individual toy and should not be shared with others, otherwise you run the risk of contracting infections. The unwavering rule is that each partner has his or her own anal plug.

Follow these simple rules and then toys play with tails butt plugs will bring you a lot of pleasant sensations that you never knew before.

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