Raccoon Tail Butt Plugs

Pet play is perhaps one of the most fun and unique ways to diversify your sex life. Bring this game into your bedroom and there will definitely not be room for boredom. The game itself assumes that one of the partners will act as an animal, and the second as a hunter or tamer.

Such toys game unites partners and inspires mutual trust, thus requires some preparation. First you need to understand which animal is closest to you in character and habits, and then take care of the external attributes of reincarnation.

Raccoon is a very interesting animal, very frisky and lively. Therefore, if you want to have some fun and fool around, choose a raccoon tail butt plug. Handmade tails are very beautiful and fluffy. Black colors stripes make the tail color very close to realistic.

The tails are made of high quality faux fur, they are very pleasant to the touch and will last a very long time. The tails sizes range from 19 to 40 inches in length. Raccoon tail anal plug will certainly please the owner with its quality!

To the tail comes an anal plug, and based on your experience, you can choose the size and material you prefer. At your choice are offered metal and silicone plugs. The metal will last a very long time and is very good for temperature games. You can get a completely different feelings by h eating or cooling the plug. Silicone is a soft and velvety material, and is better for long time wearing.

In addition, you are offered another version of the anal plug – the tug plug. This metal plug is equipped with a massive reliable ring, where the plug is attached to with a carabiner. Due to the reliable design, you can safely pull and tug the tail with no fear of breaking the plug.

Having appreciated all the advantages of our tail butt plugs, do not put off the pleasure for later. Get naughty, frolic and enjoy the time with our raccoon tail butt plug. Our tails are not only of top quality, they also bring comfort and pleasure!