Fox Ears

If the image of a fox is close to you, and you want to play pranks in the bedroom and surprise your partner with your imagination, then a fur tail and fox ears will help you transform into a cunning red animal. Animal sexy games give you a chance to relax and release your wild energy. In addition, even with a simple game scenario, you will have a lot of fun and relax.

Fox ears are handmade of faux fur, they are very fluffy, soft and hold their shape well. The fur is of excellent quality with a long pile, which gives extra volume to the ears.

Ears are held on the headband. It is made of metal covered with fabric, fits any head sizes. The ears are securely held on the head and will not fly off during the game.

Our catalog contains ears of different shapes and colors. You can choose realistic red ears or pot for a silver fox image. Even as a fox, you have plenty to choose from.

We offer a set of ears and fox tail butt plug in matching color, put on some erotic lingerie and show your partner how sexy and passionate a fox can be in bed.