Bunny Tail Butt Plugs

Boredom has settled in your bedroom, and your sex has become monotonous and cold? Don’t despair, we’ll show you the way out! Our bunny tail butt plugs will flood your relationship with passion and fire. Our cute bunny tail anal plugs will make your botty so irresistible that your partner won’t be able to take their eyes off this super fluffy toys.

Our tails will help you easily transform into a playful rabbit, and it’s up to you to choose what colors animal you want to be today: white or black. Tails are made of high quality faux fur: soft, fluffy, very pleasant to the touch and easy to clean and care.

The tails are attached to the anal plug with a carabiner, and upon desires, you can easily detach it with a single movement.

You can also choose the plug material: metal or silicone. Stainless steel plug will last you years, while remaining as perfectly smooth as it was when you bought it. Silky high-quality silicone will make long-term use of the plug very pleasant. Both materials are very easy to clean and require little care.

Depending on your experience, you can choose among plugs of different sizes. Experienced users will enjoy the large size of 1.5×3.5 inches, beginners should opt for the smaller 1×2.5 inches, or choose the medium size.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and bring animal play into your relationship. Become a white obedient rabbit for today and completely trust your partner. Such games establish a connection between the “animal” and its caring owner. Don’t be surprised if your partner offers you a carrot, it will be funny, cute, and incredibly sexy at the same time.

Our tails are handmade with love and care for you. To complete your cute rabbit look, add some rabbit ears, and you will be simply irresistible. In this way, your sex life will sparkle with new colors! Be bold, daring and sexy like a rabbit!