Tiger Tail Butt Plugs

To play role games with toys, it is not necessary to buy a role-playing outfits. Only a few bright and expressive accessories is needed to create a new image. The tail butt plug is exactly the piece which will easily transform you into any animal.

If you’re in a slightly aggressive mood today and want to growl at your partner, you can easily turn into a tiger with our tiger tail butt plug. Complete your look with fuzzy ears and enjoy passionate tiger sex.

Gorgeous tiger tail anal plug will make your partner’s heart leap up and awaken his hunter’s instinct. Why not hunt a tiger, or even better, domesticate and subdue it! You’ll both enjoy this proud animal domestication game!

The bright tigrine colors tail with black stripes is made of high quality faux fur, which will serve you a long time without losing its appearance. Tails are handmade and come in two sizes: 40 and 29 inches in length. Depending on the length, you can transform into a formidable adult tiger or a cute little tiger cub.

Choose the anal plug for your tail based on your preferences and relevant experience. You can choose a metal plug, which is durable and heavy, it will serve you for a very long time. Soft and pleasant to the touch silicone plug is more suitable for long-term wear. It bends well and is easy to insert.

The plug is attached to the tail with a metal carabiner, and you can always easily disconnect the toy and play with it separately. This also makes it possible to wash the plug separately without damaging the tail fur.

Rush to get into the predatory tigress character, and your partner will be simply stunned by this exciting game!