Fox Tail Butt Plugs

If you want to add some wild passion to your sex, then you should try the toys game in a wild, erotic animal and a brave hunter. Our fox tail anal plugs will awaken your passion and help you realize your deepest desires!

It is very easy to turn into a cunning and treacherous fox with our fox tail butt plug. There is no such man who can resist the temptation to hunt for a seductive fox. The fox, although considered a wild animal, is still tameable, give your partner a chance to tame a fluffy animal. Wag your foxy tail and take down the valiant hunter on the spot!

Our handmade tails are made of high quality faux fur, soft and fluffy and durable. Tails are made in different lengths: small, medium, long. Depending on the length, and hence the weight of the tail, you will get completely different sensations when wearing a fluffy anal toy.

By choosing the color of the tail, you can incarnate in a red or silver fox, matching it with the right erotic lingerie. Cute fox ears on a headbend will help to complete the look.

The tail kit includes an anal plug, which is attached to the tail with a reliable carabiner. You can use the tail and plug together or separately.

You have the option to choose the plug material: silver metal for temperature sensations or velvety silicone for long-term wear. You can select the plug size depending on your experience with similar toys. The more experience, the more inches!

Order a seductive fox tail right now and bring new passionate vibes into your intimate life! Feel free to open the door to a world of delicious pleasure!