Tail Butt Plug and Ears Set

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Couples whose intimate life has lost its former passion and has become boring and routine are usually the ones who turn to role-playing games. Tail plug and ears set play will make your sex will sparkle with new colors. Tail butt plug is the best option to experience completely new sensations and feel like an animal.

Our catalog has a collection of different sets of tail butt plug and ears so that you can choose according to your taste and enjoy the game with toys to the fullest.

The sets are made both in a realistic form, matching the color of a particular animal, and in bright colors that are not found in nature. So it depends only on your imagination whether you will be a grey wolf or a blue fox today.

Tails come in different sizes, depending on the category, from 10 to 40 inches in length. We offer a diverse variety of tails shapes, from a small fluffy bunny, to a long three-tailed Kitsune and a Devil’s leather tail.

Tails and ears are handmade of faux fur to embody you in any image. The faux fur is of very high quality, fluffy, pleasant to the touch. Depending on the animal, the fur is used with a long or short pile.

The ears are made in the color of the tail, attached to the head with a metal headband covered with fabric. The headband fits well on the head and fits any size. The ears hold their shape perfectly and will last you a long time.

The kit comes with an anal plug. You can choose the size and material you need, metal or silicone. You also have the option of choosing a tug plug designed for those who like to pull their tails while playing. This plug is highly reliable and will not break under increased loads.

If you are mature for experiments, then share your secret desires with your partner and try to open the door together to a world of incredible pleasure that you could only dream of!