Furry Tail Butt Plugs

Since you have decided to grace your sex with some bright colors and experiment with a tail anal plug, kindly regard super fluffy tail butt plugs. They are the ones which stand out from the general line being larger in size and having greater fluffiness.

Fluffy tail anal plugs are fabulous and extremely furry. Due to the fact that the tails are larger in girth, they are somewhat heavier than ordinary tails, which means that when worn, the tail will have an additional effect.

Luxurious fluffy handmade tails are made of top-quality faux fur. The fur is durable and the tail will serve you for a long time without losing its appearance and fluffiness.

Tails come in one size 29 inches, but in a wide variety of colors. You may select matching seductive lingerie to create an erotic image of a seductive animal and easily seduce your partner. Every movement of your hips with such a wonderful tail will cause an irresistible desire to conquer you.

The tail is attached to an anal plug with a strong reliable carabiner. You can choose material of your anal plug: velvety silicone or silver metal, depending on the sensations that you want to get. Plugs are different in sizes and you can make your choice based on previous experience with similar toys.

Order your anal tail right now and don’t miss the chance to turn into a seductive furry animal, give your partner a chance to feel like a brave hunter who will conquer you!