Devil Tail Butt Plugs

If you are a fan of passionate sex and wild energy in role toys games, then we have a special item in our collection just for you: a demon tail.

This unique leather tail will awaken the most daring and frank desires of the partners. With such a tail, your ass will look super sexy and alluring. Even the slightest wag of the hips will swing the tail and grab attention to that juicy part of your body where it sticks out.

This tail will help you easily turn into a demonic seducer from medieval legends. Succubus is a demon of passion and unbridled sex in a female form. This tail will immediately set the right mood in your fantasy role-game. A hot night is one hundred percent guaranteed!

Tail is handmade of high quality faux leather, very soft and pleasant to the touch. The tail is well flexed and wiggles sexy as you walk. The tip of the tail is shaped into a pointed triangle that you can play seductively in front of your partner.

Tails are made in several colors so that you can choose the matching underwear for a more complete look.

The tail kit includes a butt plug, which you can choose among different materials: metal or silicone. Cone-shaped plugs come in different sizes and with pointed tips that are easy to insert and comfortable to wear during the game. The more experienced is the partner, the more inches you can afford.

A nice bonus: the devil’s tail is removable, it can be easily detached from the plug using a reliable carabiner. This is the perfect solution for those who want to use the tail and plug separately. It is very easy to take care of the tail – just wipe it with a wet napkin and it will be like new again.

To make the erotic look absolutely complete, complement it with devil horns, large or small to your taste. Appearing in front of a partner in such a sexy and daring look, you will spark a furor and no man would be able to resist the devil in a female guise.