Cat Tail Butt Plugs

Who said that the bedroom should be quiet and calm? It will never be boring in your bedroom with our collection of fluffy anal tails! The cat tail butt plug occupies a special place in our catalog. It will make your sex playful and truly exciting.

If you ever had a chance to observe a kitty behavior, then you definitely noticed how different this animal can be: from a soft obedient kitty to a disheveled aggressive beast. Playing a role-game, borrow kitty behavior and you will definitely not leave your partner indifferent.

With such a wide range of cat tail anal plugs to choose from, you’ll be able to mix and match looks by choosing from different colors and sizes of tails. To complete your look, add some cat ears.

If today you want to conquer your partner with tenderness and meekness, turn into a cute kitty and choose a white fluffy tail. If you want to indulge in mystery and a little mysticism, choose a black cat’s tail.

Black and white spotted tails will turn you into a snow leopard, another kitten, but then add a little aggression to your toys and let your partner try to domesticate you.

Handmade tails are made of faux fur, which makes them durable and easy to care and clean.

You may choose an anal plug for your tail which are available from different materials: metal or silicone. These are high quality and easy to use materials. Plugs also come in different sizes, and your inches will depend on how experienced you are.

Try on the image of a cat, wag your playful tail in front of your partner, win his heart, as these cute wigglefloofs win our hearts, and you will see how your sex life will become brighter and more emotional. Purr purr)

After enjoying the cat look, you can try on the image of another animal from our collection of tail anal plugs. Enjoy to the fullest!