Wolf Tail Butt Plugs

Have you ever seen a wolf and heard its long-drawn-out howl that gives you goosebumps? This formidable and at the same time graceful animal just charms. If you buy a wolf tail butt plug you can also easily turn into a wolf. Sex with such a fluffy tail will be as indomitable and wild as the wolf itself. Being this character, you will howl with a partner all night long from unprecedented pleasure.

Tails are handmade and come in three sizes from 19 to 40 inches in length. The wolf tail anal plug is made, as befits a wolf, in realistic gray colors, for greater attractiveness, the tail has a black tip. The tail will smoothly sway when walking, attracting the undivided attention of your partner.

The tails are made of high quality faux fur, very fluffy and pleasant to the touch. The fur is very easy to look after, easy to keep clean, it will serve you for a long time, and at the same time it will always be like new.

A butt plug is attached to the tail on a reliable metal carabiner, you can use it both separately and together with the anal plug. Removable design makes it easy to wash the plug after playing with the toys without fear of getting the tail wet.

Optionally, you can choose the material of the anal plug. It can be a soft and flexible plug made of velvety silicone, or a reliable smooth metal plug that will last you for years.

Complete the image of an indomitable she-wolf with fur ears. Now you are like a she-wolf and nothing can stop you from enjoying the full wild pleasures all night long. Take on the role of leader of the leader of the pack and show your partner what a stunning she-wolf you can be!