Pony Tail Butt Plugs

Pet-play toys games this is when one or both partners take on a role of an animal. It can be either a domestic or a wild animal. One of the reasons why people play such games is firstly, because it’s fun and cool, and secondly, it is a wonderful psychological relief when you can go beyond the usual and be someone else than a human being.

Lovely friendly ponies immediately deserved the love of a person, so when you get into a pony character, you will definitely get affectionate sex, well, who dares not to caress this baby.

It is not necessary to buy a full-fledged role-playing costume to get into the image of this cute little horse, just purchase our pony tail butt plugs, and maybe add matching ears. The image of a charming pony is ready!

Our ponytails are made in three colors: white, black and brown and are 25 inches long. The ponytail sizes will allow you to sway erotically with every movement of your hips, while seducing your partner and calling him to decisive actions.

The color of the ponytail can match the tone of erotic lingerie and other pony accessories, such as harness, blinders, or even a small saddle.

Pony tail anal plugs are handmade from artificial horse hair, which is beautiful and shiny. With such a ponytail, your butt will be simply charming.

Pick up an anal plug from our catalog for your ponytail. We offer silicone and metal plugs. Silicone is soft and flexible for delicate penetration, metal is durable for harder plays.

For those who like to prank during the game, pull and tug the partner by the tail, it is better to opt for a tug plug. This butt plug is equipped with a massive and reliable metal ring, to which the tail is attached with a carabiner. Such a plug will definitely not break from a sharp and strong jerk by the tail.

Gain courage and become a charming pony for as long as your game lasts, and you will be able to fully appreciate all the delights of pet-play and get incomparable pleasure!