Puppy Tail Butt Plugs

The most common and most beloved domesticated animal is, of course, a dog. This is a real four-legged friend of man, devoted and loving his master with unconditional love. Therefore, if you want to spice up your sex life and play role games, then playing your favorite dog is exactly what you need.

Toys playing with a loving and affectionate puppy and his caring owner will awaken your animal instincts and allow you to enjoy sex in a new way. You can happily bark, caress the owner or play pranks and lightly bite him. You will be rewarded for good behavior, but for pranks you can be puled by the ear.

Turn into a playful puppy with a puppy tail butt plug from our large collection of tails. Made in a wide variety of colors, they are bright, very fluffy and simply adorable. To complete the image of the puppy, complement it with fur ears of the matching color.

Puppy tail anal plugs are made of high quality faux fur, soft and pleasant to the touch. Even holding such a ponytail in your hands is already a visual pleasure, but if you play with it, then it turns into a real pleasure.

The handmade tails come in small sizes, but these are 12 inches of pure delight which you should definitely try. The tail of the original shape with a slightly curved tip, with every movement of the hips it will sexually swing and beckon the partner.

The tail comes with an anal plug, available in several sizes, the more experience you have in these games, the larger size you can afford. Plugs are made of silicone and metal.

The silicone plug is soft, pleasant to the touch, and bends well in the leg, it is easy to insert, and is good for long-term wear. Metal plug is more suitable for hard games, it is durable and reliable. Metal is also perfect for temperature games, warm up or cool down the plug for a whole new gaming experience.

For those who like to sharply pull their partner’s tail during the game, we offer a tug plug, which is more reliable due to a massive ring to which the tail is attached with a carabiner. Such plug is not afraid of loads, it will withstand any jerk by the tail and will not break.

With our puppy tail butt plug, you will not only release your animal energy, but also get a new sexual experience and pleasure. Find your caring owner right now and have a blast!