Horse Tail Butt Plugs

Horses are one of the most beautiful, proud and powerful animals on our earth. And if you decide to diversify your sex and do the pet play, then a horse is the best option that you will definitely like.

The relationship between the rider and the horse is the most devoted and trusting, try to make these relationships manifest in your couple. Gorgeous horse tail butt plug will sway very sexy at the slightest movement of the hips, and excite an unbearable desire in a partner to saddle the horse.

Wonderful handmade horse tail anal plugs are presented in three colors: white, black and brown, these colors most often found in wildlife. The tails are made of artificial horse hair, they look very realistic and shimmer beautifully in the light.

The tail size is 25 inches long which allows you to sexually wag the tail in front of the rider, calling him to an action. Such toys game of a horse and a rider will capture both of you!

The tail comes with an anal plug, which you may select of the required size and material, depending on your experience and preferences. Plugs made of velvety silicone are soft, bend well and are great for long wear. Silver colored metal plugs are durable and reliable for tougher sensations.

You may also choose the tug plug in metal with a strong and reliable ring, designed for those who like to pull and tug the tail during the game, without fear of breaking the plug when jerking.

Wear some horse ears to complete the image of a playful horse. You can also pick up additional accessories, such as a harness, blinders or even a play saddle. Let your partner take care of the horse and comb its hair, expressing care and love.

Our horse tail butt plugs will become your favorite toy which will make you feel like a playful and favorite horse!