Dog Tail Butt Plugs

Puppy Play has recently been gaining more and more popularity among those who want to diversify their sex and try something new. Role play toys games, where one or both partners get into character a doggy or a puppy, is exciting enough to repeat it over and over again.

During this puppy play one partner can be a dog, and the second can be its owner, while giving orders and encouraging good behavior or punishing mischief. Such a game is not only exciting, but also develops trust between partners.

To get into the image of a dog, it is not necessary to buy an expensive costume, it is enough to purchase a dog tail butt plug and, if desired, complement the image with some accessories for dogs. You can pick up matching colors fur ears, then you will definitely be a cute pet four-legged animal!

Dog tail anal plugs are handmade of very soft and fluffy faux fur of various colors, picking up matching lingerie, and you will be the most charming dog. The tail is quite short and is 12 inches of beauty and charm.

The tail comes with an anal plug, which is attached with a metal carabiner. Detachable design allows tail and plug to be played together or separately. Also, by unfastening the plug from the tail, it is easy to wash it without wetting the tail.

Plugs are available in several sizes, based on experience, choose the size that suits you best. Made of soft velvety silicone and durable silver metal. Your feelings while playing with the tail will also depend on the choice of material.

Well, how can you resist not to pull the dog’s tail or just pull it towards you during spicy games? For such fun, we have a tug plug equipped with a powerful metal ring of increased reliability. When jerked, such plug will surely withstand the load and will not break.

Choose one of our amazing dog tail butt plugs, become your partner’s four-legged friend and enjoy this exciting game to the fullest!