Leopard Tail Butt Plugs

Your intimate life has lost its appeal and no longer brings you pleasure, then it’s time to revive your former passion and try something game changing. You may opt toys, for instance a butt plug, which will delight you and give you incomparable pleasure.

Probably, each of us, depending on the character and established habits, associates him/herself with some kind of animal, by trying on the character of an animal, during sex you would express your wild nature hidden deep inside.

Leopard tail butt plug is a wonderful accessory that will help you transform into a leopard, a beautiful and graceful animal. In this character, you can express your wild aggression, or you may express your grace and independence, because leopards are just big cats.

Handmade tails are available in two leopard colors, the tail size is 40 inches. Leopard tail anal plug is made of high quality faux fur. And although the fur is short-haired, as befits a leopard, it is soft and quite fluffy.

The tail is attached to the anal plug with a reliable metal carabiner. Detachable design allows you to play the butt plug separately from the tail. In addition, it will be easy for you to keep the plug clean, as you can rinse it under water without fear to soak the tail fur.

The tail comes with a plug, the material and size of which you can choose based on experience and sensation preferences. If you prefer long-term wear, it is better to choose silicone, but if you opt reliability and durability, then metal is exactly what you need.

In the metal version of the plug, you can choose a tow plug with a reliable massive ring, designed for a greater load than a regular plug. It can be safely pulled by the tail without fear of damaging the plug.

If the leopard image is close to you, then complement it with fur ears and enjoy it to the fullest!