Devil Horns

If you want to play in a fantasy style and try on the image of a charming seducer from ancient Succubus legends which is a demon of unbridled passion in a female guise, then you simply cannot do without horns.

Devil horns coming in a set with a tail will create a complete image for you and set you up for the desired mood of the game. In such a sexy guise, a hot night is ensured for you!

Horns are made in several colors: white, black, red and golden. Choose matching erotic lingerie and slay your partner in a unique sexy way.

Horns are handmade of light, but durable material, they will serve you for a long time and will not lose their original appearance. The horns are mounted on a metal headband, covered with fabric on the top. The headband fits well on the head and fits any size.

The horns are of small sizes, made very realistic and your partner will be simply amazed to see you in such an amazing image.

Order the horns and devil tail butt plug right now and immerse yourself in this image into the world of sexual fantasies and pleasure.