Multicolor Tail Butt Plugs

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Tail butt plug is the easiest and fastest way to transform into any animal. Just wear a tail and now you have already turned into an indomitable predator, or vice versa, you have become a cute and affectionate animal. Sex will forever cease to be a routine, and will turn into an exciting hot toys game.

If you want to turn into not a regular, but a fantastic animal with an incredible color that does not occur in wildlife, then the multicolor tail butt plug is exactly what you need.

Incredibly beautiful tails are handmade of faux fur in a variety of colors, the combination of which makes your tail fantastically gorgeous and stylish. Colored inserts in the shape of a drop or a colored tail tip make the multicolor tail anal plug so original and unique.

Such a fluffy tail will transform you into a fairy-tale creature, or if you are imaginatif, you can give a name to the character you want to play. Our rainbow tail butt plugs provide incredible scope for your imagination. Depending on the naughty image which you want to try on, choose the color and sizes of the tail.

The advantage of our tails is that they are removable. The tail is attached to the anal plug with a reliable metal carabiner. After detaching the plug, it is easy to wash, and the tail will remain protected from moisture.

Depending on the sensation you want to get from the plug, choose your material: soft velvety silicone or smooth metal, which is good for temperature experience, as you can heat or cool it. Butt plugs also come in different sized, the more experienced you are with such pleasures, the more inches you can afford.

Our tail butt plug is a wonderful accessory for hot and passionate role play. Go for it and use our tails to create new scenarios of love pleasures every time.