Kitsune Tail Butt Plugs

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One of the most unusual items of our collection of fur tails is Kitsune tail butt plug. In Japanese mythology, Kitsune is a cunning and insidious fox spirit with many tails, the more experienced and wise is the fox, the more tails it has.

Kitsune is a magical creature endowed with a wide variety of magical powers, such as making fire or turning into a human. With our Kitsune tail anal plug you can easily ignite the sexual flame in your partner and your boring and insipid sex will turn into a passionate game with an animal in human form.

Although Kitsune may have nine or more tails, we settled on three. These three fluffy tails at the root are connected together and fastened to the plug with a reliable metal carabiner. The tails are made in two sizes: 29 and 40 inches in length.

These tails are handmade with love from faux fur of a wide variety of colors, because Kitsune, depending on her character, also can be of different colors. By choosing the color for your anal toys, you can become either kind and slightly sly, or insidious and aggressive cat and thus set the general tone of the sexual play.

The tail kit includes an anal plug. Based on your preferences, you may choose the material of the toys: smooth and pleasant-touch silicone or metal, which is well suited for temperature games.

With our 3-tailed fox tail you can easily transform into the mythical Japanese Kitsune fox and will be able to feel through the essence of this mythical animal. Your partner will definitely not remain indifferent to such a sexy fox, and will realise why a cult of this mythical animal has formed in Japan.