How to Choose the Right Tail Butt Plug for Your Roleplay Fantasies

The tail butt plug is perhaps the fastest way to transform oneself. This spicy accessory, depending on your mood, can quickly turn you into a bad wolf, a cunning fox or a cute fluffy rabbit. Add fitting fur ears to complete the look and you're ready for an exciting role-playing as an animal.

To get the maximum pleasure from the play, you need to be serious about selecting a tail butt plug. The right choice will determine not only the degree of your satisfaction, but also, very importantly, the safety of use. So how to make the right choice with such an abundance of tails?

What Does the Anal Tail Consist Of

Tail Butt Plug

To begin with, you need to know that the anal tail consists of two parts: the fur tail itself and the anal plug. You can choose a method of attachment that is convenient for you. It can be a one-piece tail, or removable on a carabiner. Removable tail is easier to keep clean, it is easier to care for and to wash. Thus, you can use different tails with one anal plug, gathering a whole collection of them. In addition, it saves you money. This design allows you to choose separately the tail and the butt plug.

The Size and Material of the Anal Plug

Butt Plugs Sizes

First, decide which plug is best for you. Butt plugs are available in several sizes: L, M, S. Depending on your experience, choose the best for you. If you are a beginner, choose the smaller diameter S, and if you have some experience then go for the bigger size L.

Besides, butt plugs can be made of metal or silicone. Metal plugs weight more and are particularly reliable and durable, it is almost impossible to break such a plug. Metal is absolutely harmless to the body, does not cause discomfort or irritation. Metal is very easy to care for, it is easy to wash, and it is compatible with lubricant of any composition.

The silicone plug is soft and pleasant to the touch, bends well enough and is easy to insert. Silicone is of high quality, hypoallergenic, odorless, evenly suitable for beginners and experienced users. Use water-based lubricants to avoid damaging the butt plug material. 

What Material Anal Tail Butt Plugs Are Made Of

Faux Fur Tail Butt Plugs

The tail butt plugs are handmade from faux fur. The fur is soft and fluffy, with a long or short pile. Compared with natural fur, faux fur is easier to care for, it can be washed and cleaned. Fur does not shed, and with careful handling will serve quite a long time. Natural fur is more capricious in care, it is difficult to clean and store. In addition, natural fur may trigger allergies.

Styles and Shapes of Tail Butt Plugs

Tail Butt Plugs Styles

After choosing the butt plug itself, move on to the selection of the fur tail. First of all, determine what image you want to appear in front of your partner. You can choose a realistic tail and become a specific animal for the toys game, or you can give preference to an absolutely unreal tail of different colors, which are not found in nature.

Tails are available in different sizes, the longer the tail length you choose, the more strain you will get. So if you are just starting your anal pleasure journey, choose a shorter tail length. There is a variety of tail shapes in our catalog. These are 3-tails, super fluffy bunny tail, horse tail, and of course the more traditional fox and wolf tail. 

When buying a tail, fantasize about the role you want to play, what scenario you would prefer to play. In any case, you have to like the tail and want to use it again and again. With our tail butt plugs you are guaranteed a lot of fun!

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