How to Clean and Care for Your Tail Butt Plug: Tips for Long-Lasting Fun

To make sure that your tail butt plug lasts a long life and stays in good condition, you need to take a good and regular care of it. The tail consists of two parts: the butt plug itself and the fur tail itself. It is better to buy a removable tail, which is attached to the plug by a carabiner. This design makes it easier to take care of the tail.

How to Clean the Anal Plug Properly

Regardless of the butt plug material, it should be washed every time after use in warm water with mild detergent or soap. Then wipe it dry and apply an antibacterial sex toy cleaner. Such cleaning will not only keep your plug perfectly clean, but will also guarantee safe use. It is better to store the plug in a separate bag or box.

Washing and Drying the Fur Tail

So how do you take care of a fur tail? It may be washed far less often than the plug, but if some lubricant or secretions got on it, it's time to send it to the laundry. The tail is made of faux fur, so it needs to be washed very gently by hand so that it does not lose its original appearance.

Wash in warm water with shampoo. Dip the tail butt plug in water and gently stroke with your hand or a soft sponge along the pile direction. It is not recommended to squeeze or crush the tail as this can damage the tail pile. Rinse the tail and without wringing it, hang it up and let drain. It should stay in the open air until completely dry. While the tail is still wet, brush it with a comb with sparse and blunt teeth, and then repeat the combing after it has dried.

In order not to damage the fur, we strongly recommend not to use gasoline, solvents or similar aggressive agents to clean the tail. Firstly, you will not be able to get rid of the specific smell of the product. And secondly, the residue of the product can get on the tail butt plug and spoil the material, as well as cause skin irritation.

The Right Kind of Lubricant Will Preserve the Anal Plug

An important element for maintaining the pug in a good condition is the type of intimate lubricant you use. The most common and universal lubricant is water-based, it is suitable for any plug material. In addition, it does not leave traces on clothing or underwear, and if it gets on the fur tail itself, it is easily washed away with water. 

Silicone lubricant is less consuming, but if it gets on the fur, it will be difficult to clean it off, and with intensive cleaning the fur will lose its appearance. The same also applies to oil-based or grease-based lubricants.

Follow these simple rules and your favorite toy will be unharmed and will keep its appearance and last you a long time, bringing you a lot of pleasant moments.

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