Safety Considerations When Using Tail Butt Plugs

It is really worth adhering to the general rules of butt plugs safe use in order for anal play with the tail butt plug to bring only pleasure and not frustration.

Maintain Personal Hygiene

Before anal play, you must prepare the anus, otherwise you will find that the anal plug will have traces of natural secretions on it. To clean the anus you may use an anal shower or a regular enema. This procedure is ideal for cleansing the intestines, but you should not misuse it, because frequent use will wash out the intestinal microflora. It is more natural to engage in anal pleasures a few hours after defecation, then the intestines will be cleansed to the max.

Use Only Specialised Anal Toys

Do not use homemade toys or improvised tools. The fact is that all anal toys have a wide base that serves as a stopper and prevents very deep penetration into the anus. The muscles of the anus tend to spontaneously tighten, and they can retract the foreign object deep inside. In this case only a doctor can remove it.

Select the Right Size and Shape of the Plug

It is recommended that beginners start with a small sizes plug. The anal plug should be a classic drop-shaped plug with a narrow tip and a wide base. The narrow tip will facilitate easier insertion and will prevent you from injuries.

You can at once buy several plugs of different diameters, and as you gain experience and relax your anus muscles, you may choose a plug of a larger size. A 3-4 cm diameter plug is quite sufficient to get pleasant sensations.

Take Care of the Cleanliness of Your Toy

Choose toys made of quality materials. Silicone and metal are materials that are easy to care and clean and do not absorb odors. 

After each use, be sure to wash the plug in water and soap, dry it, and treat it with a sex toy cleaner. This care will keep the plug in perfect condition at all times. Store the plug in a separate bag or box.

Be Sure to Use Lubricant

Unlike the vagina, the anus does not secrete natural lubrication, and because the rectum is very delicate, it is easy to damage it. Apply plenty of anal lubricant to the body and to the plug and gently insert it into the anus. Make sure to use the anal lubricant because it has a thicker and more slippery texture. In addition, anal lubes contain disinfectant components.

How to Insert the Plug Correctly

Take your time! Anal stimulation, as well as anal sex, requires maximum delicacy, especially at the beginning. Introduce the toy very slowly, gradually spinning it inside. Slow penetration allows the anal muscles to adapt to the foreign object.

Limiting the Duration of Use of a Plug

Watch the time. If you prefer a long-lasting wear of the toy and eager to enjoy it for a long time, then remember that not every material is suitable for this purpose. The best choice would be silicone. Silicone toy can be worn for up to 10 hours in a row. All other materials are recommended to be used not longer than 2-3 hours of continuous wear. 

Avoid Rough Play

Well and in the end let us remind you that when using a tail butt plug, it is necessary to remember that it has weight and creates additional load on the anus. Therefore, choosing a very large tail, a beginner may not be able to cope and not keep the anal plug with the tails inside. A lot of weight can traumatize the anus, so be sure to calculate your strength correctly. 

Also be careful if your partner wants to pull your tail while playing with it. You must be an experienced user to avoid injuring your anal passage with a sharp tug.

As you can see, there are not many rules for safe use, but their flawless implementation will not only help you have a lot of fun, but also keep you from unpleasant experiences.

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