From Fox to Wolf: Exploring Different Types of Tail Butt Plugs

Tail butt plugs allow a person to pretend to be a beloved animal and transform oneself into a fox or wolf, a cat or a dog, a horse or a cute fluffy bunny at will. Complete this accessory with fur ears, and your role costume will be fully completed, and you can safely proceed to Animal play. Our collection of tail anal plugs includes so many different animals that we're sure everyone will find the right look for themselves.

The most common types of tail anal plugs

Choosing a tail, of course, you choose the animal, which is closer to you by character and temperament.

If a person is endowed with intelligence and cunning and wants to emphasize it, most likely s/he will choose a fox tail butt plug.

Fox Tail Butt Plug

A woman endowed with beauty and inner warmth, who identifies herself with a cat, will give preference to the cat tail butt plug.

Cat Tail Butt Plug

If a person primarily values independence and autonomy, then it will be very easy to try on the image of a wolf or she-wolf with the wolf tail butt plug.

Wolf Tail Butt Plug

The image of a horse or pony will suit hardworking and persistent people. A horse tail butt plug is just right for them.

Horse Tail Butt Plug

If your imagination is running wild and you're bored with the image of a simple animal, you can choose the most unrealistic tail colors.

Multicol Tail Butt Plug


Multicolored tails are very beautiful and unusual. You can think of a name for this colored animal whose tail you have chosen.

For experienced users, we offer a 3-tailed kitsune tail butt plug. This unusual tail will transform you into a mythological creature with many tails.3-Tailed Kitsune Tail Butt Plug With this tail you will easily ignite the flame of passion in your partner.

The most stunning and unusual - devil tails. This image will help you show off all your insidiousness and irrepressible energy! This tail will awaken the most daring desires of your partner. Complete the image with horns and your partner will not be able to resist your onslaught.

Devil Tail Butt Plug

    How to appear spectacularly in front of a partner wearing an tail anal plug

    If you have decided which tail anal plug to choose, then it is worth thinking about how to present yourself advantageously in front of your partner, so that your toys games will be bright and spectacular.

    OKOVA Tail Butt Plugs

    1. Of course you can appear in front of a partner wearing only a set of tail and ears, but you will look more advantageous in erotic underwear or panties with access to the crotch.
    2. If you and your partner together bought a the tail, you can also together come up with a scenario for your toys game. And it is not required to write a whole script, it is enough to outline the general context of your actions. For example, your partner is an experienced and brave hunter, and you are a cunning fox, which makes every effort to get away from the chase. Or your partner is a strict teacher at the forest school, and you are a naughty little rabbit who has not learned their lesson.
    3. Both partners may choose to wear tails and play in a wolf pack and find out who is the leader of it. The main thing is to use your imagination and enjoy the game to the fullest! Remember that every scenario ends with a "punishment" or "reward" in the form of sex. Think up every time a new scenario and become the director of your intimate life.
    4. If you want to surprise your partner, you can meet him in a sexual image right at your doorstep. We are sure that such a turn will not leave your partner indifferent and he will join the sexual fun with great enthusiasm. It will be great fun!

    More experienced partners prefer complete improvisation in sexual games. Partners can be wearing completely different images which will make the game even more interesting. They make up their own actions and words as they go along. No preparation, only improvisation! The more wild your imagination is, the more interesting the game will be, and at the end of the game, of course, wild sex! After such spontaneous fun, you will definitely have something to discuss and laugh about.

    As you have already understood, there are many ways to use the tail anal plug and all of them are good to diversify your sex life. So you can let your imagination run wild, put together your own collection of anal tails and change them to match your mood.

    Bring your most daring and frank desires to life and take your partner on a fascinating sexual journey.

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