Beginner’s Guide to Anal Play: Tips for Safe and Enjoyable Exploration

People who just plan to master anal toys, keep on asking themselves "Why do we need a butt plug?", and we will try to figure it out. 

What is an anal plug for?

The anus is endowed with many nerve receptors, and by stimulating them a person gets a lot of pleasant, incomparable sensations. An anal plug is needed to stimulate the anus. If you are still hesitating, whether to buy anal toys, then discard all doubts and give yourself a chance to experience a lot of bright and explosive orgasms.

Anal sex toys for beginners 

Beginners should start with the classic butt plug. Such a plug has a cone-shaped shape with a rounded end for easy insertion. The base of the toy always has an extension, limiting too deep penetration. Of course, there is a wide variety of anal toys: anal vibrators, herringbones, balls and beads, anal dildos and many others, but beginners should begin with the classic anal plug of a small diameter 2-3 cm. An anal plug is a universal toy, and it can be used by both men and women for pleasure.

Anal plug insertion technique

So, the plug is bought, let's figure out how to use it correctly and safely. The most important thing is to apply lubricant generously, otherwise poor lubrication or lack of it will cause discomfort or even painful sensations, and this is not the feeling we expect from a plug. Apply lubricant to your anus and butt plug before use. Choose a comfortable position. We can offer you several options, but you will only be able to find out through experiment which way to insert the plug is a more comfortable individually for you. 

  • Squatting down and spreading your legs, insert the plug from below.
  • Lie on your back, place a roller under your lower back, spread your legs and insert the plug.
  • Lie on your side with your legs bent at the knees and insert the plug from the side.
  • You can insert the plug while standing on all fours with your legs apart.

Experiment and find your position, or you can use them all in turns for a change, the main thing is that you enjoy it.

So, after lubricating the plug, begin to insert it slowly, directing it toward your abdomen. Do it gently, with no jerks nor sudden movements. After introducing the tip of the plug, pause for a while and allow the anus to adapt to the foreign object. And only then insert the plug to the full length until you feel the bottom stops. The plug will stretch your anus, thereby stimulating the nerve endings both inside and outside the anus.

Now you can fully enjoy the new sensations. For more pleasure you can twist the plug or make pushing motions back and forth. To extend the pleasure, you can leave the plug in your anus for a while and just walk around with it. Beginners should not leave the plug in for very long, it requires experience and the right plug material for long, hours of wear. 

Wearing a tail butt plug

When you have mastered the plug alone, fasten the tail butt plug to it with a carabiner. Walk around with the tail and feel your sensations. You can wiggle your hips, it looks sexy and gives additional stimulation to your anus. After walking around with the tail for a while, you can experiment with different movements, and figure out which one gives you more pleasure. Don't forget to add lubricant from time to time, as it wears off and dries out.

After gaining some experience and gaining the right skills, you can move on to larger toys, comparing your sensations from using different toys. With the acquisition of sufficient experience move not only to a larger plug, but also purchase a tail of greater length and hence greater weight. Wearing a long tail requires more effort to hold it inside, but it has more stimulation of the anus and gives a whole new sensation.

Throw away your doubts and fears, buy a tail butt plug and get a lot of unforgettable moments of anal stimulation.

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