Overcoming Anal Sex Anxiety: Strategies for a Positive Experience

Many people find anal sex intimidating, triggers fears and complexes that can be difficult to overcome. However, if you prepare carefully and do it right, anal sex can be a fun experience for both partners.

Why do people engage in anal play in the first place? Anal sex is a great way to diversify your intimate life and get a lot of pleasant sensations. Anal hole contains a lot of nerve endings, by stimulating which you can get a bright and powerful orgasm.

To overcome fears and complexes before anal sex, you need to learn to hear and feel your body and recognize your desires. You should also talk frankly with your partner about your fears and expectations of sex and hear his/her point of view. Finally, you need to accept that anal chona is a natural part of sexual functioning that can bring pleasure.

Take care of hygiene

Take care of your hygiene before anal intercourse. You can use an anal shower or enema, but if a few hours have passed since the natural emptying of the bowels, you can do without it. If you're worried about leaving traces of secretions on your bedding, you can use vinyl sheets for sex.

Use lots of lubricant

Stock up on anal lubricant and use it generously. Apply enough of it to your anus and plug, periodically replenishing it as it wears off and dries out in the process. Plenty of lubricant will keep you from possible anus injuries or microcracks, and eliminate pain during anal sex. Lubricant will make penetration more sensual and you will get a lot of pleasure. 

Take it slowly

For anal sex to be comfortable and enjoyable, you need to follow the right techniques and some rules. It is very important to completely relax the anal area before penetration. This means that you should not be forceful, but take enough time to foreplay, this helps to relax it.

For the beginning, penetration can be done with a finger, and then a small anal plug, so that the anus adapts and accepts the foreign object. Over time you can increase the size of the toy, the anus will get used to the increased size, and will not be traumatized. 

Talk to your partner

If you are not satisfied with something, if your partner acts too fast and it discomforts or even hurts you, be sure to tell your partner how you feel, and don't forget to ask how your partner is feeling. Anal sex should not be a burdensome duty, sex should be pleasurable for both partners.

Safety first

Like any sexual practice, anal sex has its risks. 

  • Do not forget that the anus is very delicate, so do everything very delicately, without jerks and sudden movements. Otherwise you can get trauma in the form of cracks or ruptures.
  • Safety first, be sure to use a condom. If it is anal penetration, remember that the toy is individual and cannot be given to a partner. Each partner should have his/ her own toy to eliminate the risk of infection.

As you can see, our recommendations contain nothing complicated or impossible, but they will help you experience the whole range of pleasure from anal stimulation. Be brave and open to the new experiences and new sensations!

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