Cat Ears

Role-playing games are a great way to spice up intimate life for couples whose relationship has somewhat cooled. Changing roles every time allows a man to have sex every time with a new partner, without actually changing, but a woman with each role becomes liberated and more and more inventive in bed.

Catwoman is perhaps one of the most sexy and attractive images that make man’s imagination stratch. Becoming a cat is easy, just put on fluffy cat ears on your head, attach a cat tail butt plug, and if there is no role-playing costume, just put on some erotic underwear. Now you are a cat so act like a cat!

Our collection contains a wide variety of ears, and you can easily transform into a cute affectionate kitten or a graceful snow leopard, who is also from the cat family.

Ears are handmade of faux fur in a variety of colors and shapes. There are ears that are more miniature, the others are more massive, we also have ears with bows and even with a crown. The ears are very beautiful and look very realistic.

The ears are attached to a metal headband, covered with fabric, which fits all head sizes. The headband fits tight on the head and will not fall off during the game.

Cat ears will be appreciated by people who love not just sex, but also intrigue and play. Turn into a cat now and live out your wildest fantasies.